I am happy to be contacted by students who are considering applying to join our department. I work with students who share regional or topical research interests with me, including those who focus on kinship, divorce, law, citizenship / nation, intimacy, anthropology, or contemporary Japanese studies. You can learn more about the research interests in our department, and get a sense of what I teach and how I teach. Those interested in applying to the graduate program should begin here.

I am currently chairing the dissertation committee of Kunisuke Hirano, who is researching alternative education in contemporary Japan.

In the past, I have worked with the following students on a range of fascinating projects. Unless otherwise stated, I served as the primary advisor for these projects:
Macario Garcia, a doctoral student at UVA, is conducting ethnographic research about imagination and mobility in American prisons. His project is currently titled “Imprisoned Mobilities: Confinement, Imagination, and Subjectivity in the Contemporary United States.”
Dannah Dennis, a doctoral student at UVA, is conducting ethnographic research about citizenship in newly secular Nepal. Her research, which has been funded by the Wenner Gren Foundation, is titled “Re-Imagining the Nation: Citizens in the New Nepal.”
Anand Rao, now an Assistant Professor at SUNY Geneseo, invited me to be the outside reader for his dissertation, “Self-Help or Self-Destruction? Immigration Politics in Germany, Italy, and Japan” (Dept. of Politics, UVA, Ph.D., 2015).
Chelsea Jack examined the notion of “honor” within the Honor System at the University of Virginia in her bachelor’s thesis entitled, “Pursuing the Truth: An Ethnographic Analysis of the Honor System at the University of Virginia” (Anthropology, and Political and Social Thought, UVA, B.A. 2014).
Xinyan Peng explored the popularity of Korean dramas in Taiwan in her bachelor’s thesis, “‘Korean Wave’ in Taipei: The Construction of Beautiful Women” (Anthropology and Economics, UVA, B.A., 2013).
Jessica Starling, now an Assistant Professor at Lewis & Clark, invited me to be the outside reader for her dissertation, “A Family of Clerics: Temple Wives, Tradition and Change in Contemporary Jodo Shinshu Temples” (Dept. of Religious Studies, UVA, Ph.D., 2012).
Catherine Madeo invited me to be a committee member for her M.A. thesis entitled, “The New Mammoni: Why the Cultural Perception of Italy’s Mama’s Boys has Changed” (Anthropology, UVA, M.A. 2012).