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Click on the links to the left for each week’s assignment. Please notice that the vast majority of assignments are due at 1pm on Thursdays -- scheduled this way because of discussion sections. You are always welcome to turn in assignments early but come to section prepared to talk about what you’ve written.

Grading Guidelines for Writing Assignments
A good essay includes: 1) a thesis point or points 2) that are clearly articulated as answers to the assigned questions and also 3) makes a compelling and insightful argument.

A (90-100) = Clear, coherent, cogent, and compelling argument, with truly insightful ideas
B (80-89) = An essay lacking real insight, but most ideas are presented clearly
C (70-79) = The essay includes some ideas relevant to the assigned question, but many of its points are not clear or compelling
D (60-69) = The essay grapples with the assigned question, but the points are not clear or compelling
F (below 59) = No real engagement with the assigned question