This course includes three in-class exams, given in our regular classroom at the regular time. The dates are listed on the syllabus page. There is no final exam during the “final exam period,” i.e. after classes end.

To prepare for this exam, you need to buy and bring with you ONE “blue books.” All blue books will be put into a pile and then redistributed, i.e. you won’t use the exact same ones you bring.

The exams are always cumulative and will consist of identifications.

Exams 1 and 2
I will offer you a key term or idea you need to explain 1) define the term or explain its significance and 2) give an example of that term or idea from some course materials. The exam might also include short answer questions.

Exam 3 (Given Dec. 4)
Rather than the identifications you were asked to complete on previous exams, you will now be asked to answer “short answer” questions that require you to engage and apply key terms with course materials. For instance, the type of questions you could be asked include:
1) Picking one text or film from the course materials, describe how emic and etic perspectives correlate or vary.
2) How do structure and agency impact William and Arthur’s lives as represented in Hoop Dreams?
3) Compare and contrast two examples of localization in from the films or texts.

All exams will be written with the knowledge that you have 50 minutes to complete them.

The best way to study for the exams is to:
1) attend lecture and section;
2) do the assigned work;
3) review important themes and concepts;
4) be able to apply concepts to different course materials.