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Triggering Topics

We are reading and talking about some very difficult topics this semester. I made choices to include these difficult topics in our syllabus not because I want to traumatize any student, nor because I think the world is only miserable, but because unfortunately these are some fundamental realities in our world that reflect key gendered structures.

If any student knows that certain topics are not possible for them to engage at this point, that is completely fine and no problem at all. Let me emphasize that knowing your own abilities and needs is never a sign of weakness but instead is a clear demonstration of strength, self-knowledge, and maturity.

Any student is welcome to reach out to either their GSI or myself if they will not be able to engage a particular topic or set of topics. We have alternative work prepared and will be happy to help students navigate those possibilities. We also ask you about possible triggering topics in the opening survey, so you are welcome to explain in your answer there.

Beyond the specific assignments, any students is always welcome to do what they need to do as we move through the semester. This might involve leaving the room when a given topic comes up, or reaching out to their GSI for addition support, or whatever feels right or necessary in the moment.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with any concerns or questions.