Week 9

[Header image by Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya.]

Week 9 - due by 5pm on Friday 10/29, uploaded to section Canvas

This week I'm asking you to update us about how your Final Project is going.

In at least 350 words, please answer the following questions:

What have you been doing on your final project?
How is it going?
As you've thought more about your project, has your thesis and/or main points changed? Please explain.
How has your project’s format shifted to better engage your intended audience?
Have you been keeping up with your work plan and schedule? If not, why not?
Have you been able to do what you wanted to do?
Have you had any fun ideas that you would like to share?
Have you hit anything difficult that you'd like to talk over?
What are you planning to do next?
How have you integrated your GSI's feedback from your initial proposal into your approach to this project?
If you are working as part of a team, how has your group been managing the shared work?