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Links from Meredith Kahn

Here are the links that Meredith Kahn shared with us when she visited on Monday, October 4th.

Here are Meredith's slides for the presentation

For more information about finding sources, check out this guide she created just for us!

After this presentation, if you need help finding resources for your assignment, you can make an appointment for a virtual meeting with Meredith.

You can also chat with a librarian here. (The person you chat will likely not be Meredith.)

Links from Justin Schell

Here are the links that Justin Schell shared with us when he visited on Wednesday, September 29th.

Shapiro Design Lab Website

Shapiro Design Lab Canvas

Design Lab Podcasting Guide

A list of podcasts produced at UM

Lab Notes (Design Lab Blog)

You can contact the Design Lab team through:

Previous Project Examples

These are some examples of previous final projects either in this course or similar projects in other courses. Please explore them as you find helpful but don't feel like you have to do exactly what they do. They are just fascinating and engaging examples of students' hard work, not evidence of any hidden requirements. These projects are all shared with permission from the authors but I am not sharing their framing essays, which can be more personal.

Please note that any project marked with star * was completed in Winter term 2020, when we all suddenly had to move online because of Covid. For that reason, many of the students had to substantially modify their projects in some way. The projects are still terrific but I want to make sure you're aware of the context.

drama queen by Emily Buckley (a zine)*

Looking at Sitcoms With Feminist Thought by Mari Alvarez (a blog Mari created for a different course but fits this assignment, too)

We will add more as soon as the authors give us permission.

Lunar Doula Support Network

For any student who is interested, please check out the Lunar Doula Support Network, who wrote me to share some information about their group:

"Our mission is to normalize social discourse surrounding reproductive health through community education and training on how to support individuals through pregnancy loss and abortion. We do this through four teams: Research, Community Engagement, PR & Marketing, and Education."

Please complete this form if you are interested in learning more.

The Header Image

The header image for this page is Untitled (Skate) by Barbara Kruger (2017). As a feminist artist, Kruger is known for work that draws on advertising rhetoric to highlight and question social norms or inequities. Perhaps her most recognizable piece is 1989's Untitled (Your Body is a Battleground), which you might recognize from more recent protest signs.