The Format

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The Format

As you think about your project, what format do you imagine as best conveying your ideas? Understand that your chosen format should both reflect skills you have or want to learn, but also fit with your project's main idea. Some formats better convey certain ideas to certain audiences. For instance, imagine the horrible gap between a podcast interview and an audience of kindergarteners. While there might be some podcasts that young children like to listen to, they probably don't care so much about a wordy interview. Think about creating a good, tight, and logical fit between your project's format, main ideas, and audience.

In choosing the format, you are welcome to pick something you already know how to do well. But you are also welcome to use this project as an opportunity to learn a new skill and to explore a new format. That said, if your project requires you to learn a new skill, your plans must include time set aside to do that.

Some possible formats:

Script (for a play or film)
Visual art
Podcast or Sound Story (*see below)
Scientific or Conference Poster
Creative Writing
Video (online or otherwise)
Op-Ed Article
Spoken Word Piece
Social Media Project

Some formats will bring particular challenges, so please talk with Prof. Alexy or your GSI about how your plan to handle them.

If students want to learn how to use audio recording equipment, we will organize a group lesson at the Shapiro Design Lab. Please do not schedule time in the Design Lab individually, but tell your GSI so you can be included in the shared lesson.