The Broad Theme(s)

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The Broad Themes

It's very possible that you might first think about the broad themes you want to engage in this project. As a start, I recommend you look over the syllabus, focusing on the titles of each lecture. Even before you've heard the lectures, these titles will give you an idea of the themes we will be discussing. Do any of those themes jump out at you as something you would like to use to design your final project?

Second, check out the list of possible topics we could add to the course syllabus. Does anything on this list seem like something you'd like to spend more time thinking about in your final project?

Keep in mind that you can always shift, combine topics, or focus on just a sliver of a topic. We are not hinting that any one theme would make a better project. You should think about your own interests and what theme or themes you are excited to explore in greater detail.

Some possible broad themes:

Voting Rights

Please note that this list is by no means exhaustive!