Grading & Requirements

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Grading and Requirements

Lecture Attendance: 5% of final grade
Section Participation: 20% of final grade
Discussion Questions: 20% of final grade
Reading Quizzes: 15% of final grade
Weekly Writing: 20% of final grade
Final Project: 20% of final grade

The grading and assignments in this course are designed to give lots of different kinds of opportunities for success and to provide different contexts for every student to shine. Let me explain the logic behind this system:

Lectures - Although this is a big class, I want the lectures to be interactive. This is partially because I get tired of listening to myself speak but mostly because I genuinely need to hear from you all to know what you're thinking about and therefore what and how to teach. Interacting with students – in a friendly, non-scary way – is vital for good teaching and learning. As you'll see when we get started, there will be many different opportunities to participate in lecture. Lectures will be recorded and shared on Canvas / Media Gallery. Please note that the Media Gallery works best for me in Chrome, so if you're having problems, try in another browser.

Sections - Discussion sections are a vital part of this course and we have designed them to offer you many opportunities to engage key concepts and course materials. You will talk with your GSI and fellow students about how best to create a productive discussion space for everyone, but generally in every section you will have a homework quiz, space to voice confusion or questions, open discussion (based partially on the discussion questions you submit), and other activities related to that week's materials.

Discussion Questions - Every week we ask you to submit four open-ended discussion questions related to the homework due that week (note: not the lectures). Please click here for more information about the assignment.

Reading Quizzes - Each week in discussion section, you will have an opportunity to answer short questions about the homework assigned. I designed these quizzes because many students told me that they find it helpful to have some slight reward / pressure to complete the homework for any class. The quizzes are never designed to be tricky or mean and the best way you can prepare is by completing the homework (reading texts, listening to podcasts, or watching films). In an early discussion section, you will talk together about strategies for active engagement with homework materials.

Weekly Writing - Many weeks throughout the semester, we ask you to complete a short writing assignment. These are not papers and although you should construct your responses with care, the assignment is not designed to be stressful. Instead, I recommend you think of them as opportunities to share your thinking and questions with us. Please click here for more information, our grading rubric, and every writing assignment.

Final Project - Our work together this semester builds into a final project, including small assignments along the way. Please read through the extensive information about this assignment. We are excited to see what you will create!

Grade Breakdowns

A+ (98 and above), A (94-97), A- (90-93)
B+ (88-89), B (84-87), B- (80-83)
C+ (78-79), C (74-77), C- (70-73)
D+ (68-69), D (64-67), D- (60-63)
F (59 and below)