The Project Team

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The Project Team

Some students will want to work with in a group. Other students will rather work alone. Both options are completely acceptable.

Think seriously about how your project's broad topics, intended audience, and specific thesis shape the outcome. Would this outcome be improved if it were created by more people, or just you?

Keep in mind all students are welcome to work in parallel with each other. For instance, if three students want to write scripts, they do not need to work together on a single script. They can each work on their own script but share ideas or problem solve with the other people working in the same format.

A few ground rules:
If you decide to work in a group, you absolutely must 1) create and submit a plan for how you will balance the work equitably; and 2) follow through with that plan.
You are welcome to create project groups across sections, but only with permission from all the GSIs involved.
We expect each group to include four or fewer students. If you really want to create a group bigger than this, please talk with Prof. Alexy.

If you would like to join a group or have created a group that could use extra members, please email Prof. Alexy and she will share those requests.