Week 8
Due: 5pm, Friday, October 18, in your Collab dropbox folder

This week, I’m asking you to turn in a brainstorming assignment related to the course’s final paper. Please read over the instructions for that paper and, this week, turn in a list of three characters or situations that you are considering for that assignment. For each of the three possibilities, describe 1) the characters or situation you’re imagining; 2) the method / tone / format you’ll use to convey that; and 3) the overall point you would want to make about Japan or Japanese culture.

I am asking you to brainstorm possibilities to get you thinking about the final assignment. If you have a favorite of the three you write about this week, feel free to note that. Also, remember that this assignment is not asking you to sign a contract. You will be welcome to write a final paper that actually includes none of these three options, but I am interested in what you’re thinking about and planning.