Kuni has prepared a syllabus for the discussion sections.

Discussion Sections Objective
To review, deepen, and develop the understanding of the points covered by previous lectures. This section offers you opportunities to talk about your thoughts, ideas, and feelings about the content of the lectures and readings in more interactive and personalized ways.

Attendance and Participation
I understand that we are all human and that you might want to bring a drink to section. No problem with drinks. But please don’t bring food because it will distract other students, or it might make us all hungry. We are trying to have a fun, interesting, and engaging discussion section so I also ask you not to use laptops or cellphones.
I hope that we will cover a wide range of topics in our discussions, and I want everyone to feel comfortable sharing their opinions, questions, and confusions. Please be willing to ask a question when you are not sure what’s going on – if you are confused, other people probably are, too! We are all on the same team, so you don’t need to worry about any “dumb” questions. Please share your thoughts, even if they are incomplete, and hopefully this will help other people share their thoughts as well.
This section is for you and I look forward to our discussions.

Email and Office Hours
I am happy to talk with you outside of section, too. If you email me, I’ll do my best to reply to you within 24 hours during the weekdays, but on the weekends I will probably be slower. If you email me on the days when we have section, I might not be able to write you back before we meet, so please plan ahead. I hold my office hours each week on Fridays from 11:15am to 1pm in the Brooks Hall Commons. You are welcome to stop by but I would prefer if you send me an email explaining what you’d like to talk about. That helps me prepare, but I understand if you have a question at the last moment and just want to stop by. You’re always welcome to come by and share your thoughts or reactions – don’t feel like you have to have a specific question or problem.

Your work in section is a substantial part of your grade for this course, so I understand that you might want to know how we calculate the grades. After every section meeting, I will assign you a grade based on the following scale --
0=absent or disruptive
1=seriously late or being a vegetable
2= present and say something meaningful
3=present and say something great
At the end of the semester, we will use these scores to calculate your final grade, which is 25 percent of your overall grade for this course.

I am looking forward to working with you for a semester.