Week 6
Due: 5pm, Friday, October 3, in your Collab dropbox folder

Office ladies at Tozai Bank (and elsewhere) are in positions of formal subordination but Ogasawara finds that they are not entirely without power. OLs, she thinks, deploy several "weapons of the weak" to resist male domination. Among the specific questions she poses are:

“What exactly can OLs do to annoy and trouble men?”
“How disturbed are men by such action?”
“Why do men in authority not prevent OLs from resorting to such measures?”
“Are there limits to women's acts of resistance?”
“What implications do these acts have on OLs' jobs and positions within the organization?”

In general, what do you think about the balance of power in the Tozai Bank offices? Is Ogasawara right about the leverage that OLs exert, or do you believe that she exaggerates their ability to keep their male bosses anxious and off balance?