Week 7
Thursday, October 9 and Friday, October 10

This week, I’m asking you to complete two small sections of Japanese university entrance exams, to give you some limited sense of the experience of these exams and also the knowledge tested.

Please complete this (one page) sample of a Social Science examination from Kobe University, that has been translated into English. Note that this is a translation and the original exam was given in Japanese in the 1970s. English was not being tested here, because the original was in Japanese.
Please also complete the first three sections of this practice English exam, which comes from the entrance exam to Waseda University. This is part of the English exam and was administered as such to students. Although the explanations for each answer are in Japanese, you can see the answers at the top of the last pages in the section.

Overall be prepared to discuss, in section, how engaging these sample exams influenced your perceptions of the education system.