Short writing assignment -- week 2
due by email at 5pm on Friday, Sept. 11

We’ve been reading various takes on pop culture this week and I’d like you take this opportunity to reflect on how pop culture has shaped your life. Please write at least one page about a specific pop cultural object or moment that has most strongly shaped who you are and how you think of yourself, your life, or the world in general. I ask you to do this as a way of prompting thought about precisely how pop culture matters and, for that reason, you’re welcome to include your thought process in your essay itself. Is it easy to think of a pop cultural object that has shaped your life? Or not? Why do you think that is?

Keep in mind, please, that I’m not asking for you to write about something you really like. I think D’Angelo’s version of Prince’s “She’s Always in my Hair” is probably some of the best six minutes of recorded sound ever, but, despite the fact that I could happily write fifteen pages about how wonderful it is, that’s not the question. I’m asking about personal impact.