Definitions assignment -- week 3
due by email at 12am on Tuesday, Sept. 15

As we begin to read and discuss more theoretical work, I’d like you to check your familiarity with a few keys terms. To do this, please use all the resources you have available (i.e. your friends, the internet*, books) to come up with a short definition of each of these terms. I am asking you to find definitions for yourself, rather than just giving you my answers, because I don’t want anyone to feel alienated from theoretical language. My hope is that these terms will feel more like yours once you have worked them through for yourself. You MUST understand the definiton you come up with.

As you complete these definitions, make notes for yourself about how and why these ideas might be important in relation to the themes of the course.

Structure & Agency

* as always consider the sources you consult, and be cautious of wikipedia!