More on Dave Spector

You’ll meet David Spector in the first film we watch and, quite helpfully!, the New York Times just published this profile. I add it here thinking that it might be more interesting after you watch the film (in the second week).

American’s Star Power Unrivaled in Japan

TOKYO — DAVID SPECTOR is a relative unknown in his native Chicago, but here in Japan he is a household name. With his bleach-blond hair, and ability to deliver one-liners in flawless Japanese, Mr. Spector has been a fixture in this nation’s often raucous talk-show world for three decades, making him perhaps the most recognizable American living in Japan.

His celebrity is reflected in a grueling schedule. He appears on a regular circuit of “wide” shows, Japan’s rambling and highly animated daytime programs that showcase discussions on a range of celebrity gossip and current events. He stars in advertisements for a range of products, like American sneakers and chocolate bars. And he conducts TV interviews of visiting Hollywood glitterati while still finding time to think up a dozen fresh jokes each day to post on Twitter, where he recently topped a half-million followers.

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