Grading Rubric
This is a course for students who are intensely committed to reading, thinking, and writing well, and regularly sharing their ideas in group discussion. Participation in discussion is a substantial portion of the final grade.

Class participation: 25%
Weekly discussion questions: 25%
Process elements for final paper: 25%
Final paper: 25%

Discussion Questions
For each session, students are required to submit at least five open-ended discussion questions about the reading. These are not meant to be time-consuming writing assignments but are instead opportunities to articulate ideas, float theories, and ask questions that might not otherwise come up in discussion. These questions are due to me via email by 12 noon the day of our class meeting, i.e. every Wednesday at noon. These responses will be graded on a credit/no credit basis and turning in all questions on time will guarantee full credit. I will refer to the questions in class discussions and share many with other students. Reconsidering your fellow students' questions might help you find themes for your paper.

I ask you to send me your questions because I am interested in what has made you think, what you think deserves more attention, or what is puzzling. More generally, rather than asking you to take reading quizzes (or threatening you with them!) I want to reinforce the idea that we should all be generating questions as we read, rather than looking for the "right" answers. Please take this opportunity to be creative. Don't be afraid to ask big questions, but keep that day's readings in mind.

Your questions must be sent to

In that email, also include all the words you had to look up as you did the reading. You do not need to include the definitions you found.