Week Twelve

Brainstorming assignment about final paper’s topic, due at 5pm on Nov. 12

This week your assignment asks you to look forward and begin imagining the themes you’d like to discuss in your final paper. Rather than writing a thesis statement, this week I’d like to you write at least four short summaries of different possible paper topics. That’s right -- four. Rather than fixing your mind on one single topic, I’d like to begin with a written brainstorming session. Come up with four possible topics and describe them in paragraphs. You don’t need to craft thesis statements, but do give me a sense of the stasis and thesis you’re using to construct the argument. If, at the end of writing this assignment, you have a strong preference for which paper topic you’d like to turn into a full paper, feel free to note that. But, to reiterate, this is an assignment asking you to brainstorm and creatively engage with any of the course themes. The four topics do not need to be related in any way other than being part of this course, and you’re welcome to come up with more than four possible topics.