Undergraduate Students

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From our Wonderful GSI - Areli Ariana

Areli Ariana’s Office Hours
Please click here to make an appointment.
- “Walk-ins” are welcome, but priority will be given to students with an appointment.
- The appointment slots are 15 minutes.
- If you'd like to meet for longer than 15 minutes, please feel free to schedule two back-to-back slots (for a total of 30 minutes). However, for any appointment expected to be longer than 30 minutes, please email me to schedule an alternate appointment.
- If my regular weekly office hours don’t work for your schedule, or you'd like to discuss something sooner than my next office hours, please email me to schedule an alternate appointment. 
- I highly encourage you to join me at office hours. This is an opportunity to further discuss course material and to get to know you better so that you get the most out of this course! 
Preferred communication is via email (arelib@umich.edu). Please contain ALC 201 within the email subject so that I can sort my inbox and respond to you sooner. If you are experiencing an emergency or need something urgent please add [urgent] to your email subject. I will do everything I can to respond to email within 48 hours. Feel free to email about anything – questions about the material, to debrief after lecture or section, to share points of confusion or further discussion, or just to chat! Please know that if it is a conversation better had over a video call, I will invite you to schedule an appointment with me.

Discussion Sections

Discussion sections are a fundamental part of this course and are designed to add to your learning. The sections will include different activities each week but share a general format. In every discussion section, you will:

- clarify concepts that aren't clear to you or questions you want to ask;

- participate in a discussion based on discussion questions you have written;

- have lots of opportunities to share your thoughts or half-thoughts, reactions, and feelings about what we are learning together;

- frame your discussion through a collective agreement that each section will set up at the beginning of the semester.

Wikipedia Project

In this course, undergraduate students will spend the semester working on improving, correcting, and complicating information about Japan on Wikipedia.

Full project details and all the assignments are listed here.