[Legally Blonde, 2001]

Discussion Section

This course is designed with three interlocking components:
1) the reading and thinking you’ll do on your own;
2) lectures intended to offer context to those other materials; and
3) discussion section where you have the most opportunity to voice questions, ideas, and any emotional reactions.

Section meetings fundamentally involve lots of discussion. Please come prepared to share your thoughts, questions, confusions, and excitement. We are well aware that there are different ways to participate in a discussion, and if you feel reluctant to jump into the conversation, please talk with Prof. Alexy or your GSI so we can come up with some strategies for you. In general, excellent participation in discussion includes:
coming prepared to discuss the readings and films assigned (i.e. do the homework and attend lecture),
bring the readings with you - we will be working with them a lot;
listening well to other students’ thoughts,
responding to them,
sharing your ideas,
being willing to change your mind, and reflect on any changes you might experience.

Some of what we will encounter this semester might be difficult - either because it includes deeply complex ideas, or because it represents real pain, violence, and suffering. If you have difficulty with any of the course materials, and feel comfortable bringing up those feelings in section, please do. If you are confused, upset, or struggling with something, likely other students are too.

Our weekly sections will be framed through the discussion questions you submit and extra credit opportunities to demonstrate your reading comprehension.