[Frida Kahlo, 1939]


In this project, I ask you to organize, conduct, and transcribe an interview between yourself and at least one other person. Over the course of the semester, we will read some interviews, which demonstrate that they can productive and fascinating pieces of work. With thoughtful, knowledgable questions, and respect for differences of opinion, interviews can demonstrate contrasting or complimentary perspectives, conflict, or convergence.

This project involves six steps:
1) Decide on a person / people you would like to interview, and secure their permission;
2) Decide on the topic(s) you would like to conduct an interview on; *please note that these first two steps might be reversed!
3) Create a list of thoughtful open-ended questions that engage course themes;
4) Conduct the interview, recording the entire time;
5) Transcribe the interview, including your own speech and the responses from your interviewee;
6) Write a short introduction to the interview, explaining your goals and what framing the interaction.

The project will be graded based on the degree to which the interview topic and questions engage course themes, the thoughtfulness and creativity of the questions, and the clarity of the interview transcript and introduction.

As models, I remind you that we will read a number of interviews together throughout the semester, including:
Week 6 - Conversation with Heidi Hartmann, Ellen Bravo, Charlotte Bunch, Nancy Hartsock, Roberta Spalter-Roth, Linda Williams and Maria Blanco.
Week 10 - Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor’s interview with Barbara Smith.

This project must be turned in by April 25, although it is welcome earlier. Your interview must be at least 30 minutes long. Please turn in both your original recording and the final typed version. Please note: when you are transcribing the interview, you are welcome to edit for clarity. Most humans do not speak in full sentences and we often use filler words. You are welcome to do light editing to make the typed speech easier to read, although do not do anything to change the fundamental meaning.

I highly recommend you talk with me in office hours before you complete your interview, so we can discuss the themes you want to target and questions you plan to ask.