Professor Allison Alexy
Office hours: Mondays, 3-5pm. Please sign up for appointments.

Class meetings: Tuesdays, 1-3pm in South Thayer Building 2022
This mini-course runs for the second half of the semester, March 8 through April 19.

What does it mean to be "gay" in India, "queer" in Taiwan, or "trans" in Japan? Can terminology in English accurately capture the diversities of experiences for queer and non-binary people across Asia? What might those terms, and the ideas behind, them miss? This mini-course explores similarities and divergences by centering LGBTQ+ people across South, Southeast, and Northeast Asia. We will focus on contemporary examples through ethnographic readings, films, and other materials. The course is open to all students and does not require previous knowledge about gender or Asia.

The image at the top comes from this article about lesbian women's experiences and responsibilities in urban China.