The Framing Essay

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The Framing Essay

When you submit your final project, you will also submit a framing essay. No matter what format your project uses, this framing essay will be prose: words on the page.

You can think of this framing essay as an artist's statement, a thoughtful reflection on your motivations, intentions, choices, and creation. You will be speaking directly about yourself and your project, and the essay should use first person pronouns (as in, "I decided to…").

In your essay, please answer the following questions:

What was your intention when you designed this project?
How did your thinking change as you created it?
What does this project achieve?
How does this project reflect or refract course themes, topics, or questions?
What impact would you like this project to have? Has it had any impact so far?
What was particularly hard or particularly fun about this project?
If you are working in a group, what were the particular challenges of balancing the work equitably? How did you personally, and your group together, respond to these challenges?

Your essay should be at least 1200 words. Although you should answer each of these questions, you should structure the piece as an essay that explores your thinking about and work on this project. It is not a simple Q&A.