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Students' Choice - Week 12 topic

In the third week of classes, students will get to vote for a topic they would like to add to the syllabus. There are of course many, many topics that would be relevant to this course, which is why I want to give you all a chance to vote. I designed this opportunity in order to give more space for students to articulate and consider their own interests, for us to think together about something of particular interest to you. (Remember, too, that all students can design their final project to reflect their own interests.) No matter what topic is picked, we will consider it from an intersectional gendered perspective.

After you look at the syllabus to get a sense of what we're already considering together, please take a look at this list of possible topics:

Activism (meaning we would focus on activists and activist methodologies)
The Robert Anderson case at UM (TW: sexual violence and abuse)
Birth Control
Break-ups and Divorce
Climate Change and Environmental Justice
Clothes and Beauty
College Loans / Debt
Colonialism / Postcolonialism
Covid / Pandemic
Digital Privacy and Security
Domestic Violence
Healthcare and Medicine
Reproductive Justice
Technology and Privacy
White Supremacy

First, is there any topic you might like to add to the list before everyone votes? If there is, email me by Friday, September 10 and I'll happily add it to the list.

Second, please vote in the survey I will send out later in Week 3.

Please take some time to review the topics already in the syllabus before you cast your vote.